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Creativity and Mental Road Blocks

Staring at a blank page....

Most of us are creative people so we all know this feeling ... You're staring at a blank piece of paper or have time on your hands, waiting for that light bulb moment… but it just doesn’t seem to come. You’ve hit a creative block, give up, throw your hands in the air and walk away.
Tips on dealing with creative and mental road blocks Sally Ridgway | Shop Wool, Felt and Fibre Online
It’s a common scenario and yes I get it as well sometimes! – but you don’t need to be defeated by it and give in. Here are some common causes of creative blocks – and how to overcome them.

Can we every have too many spinning bobbins? I have been looking for some time now for some new bobbins for my Majacraft Aura spinning wheel. I bought 3 when I purchased the wheel 2 years ago but always wanted some more, actually, lots and lots more!







1. Monotony

During my busy times I seem to be doing the same things day in, day out and this often means I end up thinking the same thoughts, or worse still looking back on what I have produced and guess what, its all similar colours and the wool colours I actually need are now where to be seen!

So, I mix things up: I go shopping! Yes that's right, because I work from home it can get a little claustrophobic with just hubby and the dog so I jump in the car and take a few hours to just walk up and down the 'town' browsing and not really buying anything. Don't get me wrong, we are not talking a big supermarket groceries shop or a massive spend in the local fashion shop either. Just time out from what you do in a way that forces you to completely think of something else. try a walk with the dog around a park or area you would enjoy, listen to a new album. You might just find inspiration around the next corner.

2. Self-doubt

The best way to overcome self-doubt is by silencing it with action. Go ahead and try your ideas out, that glimmer on an idea is how we all start, so go for it. The more challenges you face, the more you’ll have to employ creative thinking to work your way around them, and the more creative you’ll be. You might be pleasantly surprised with your results.

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3. Fear of Failure

News Flash! We all fail... I know I did a lot and sometimes still do. I often meet people who say they love my work but they have no creativity and my reply is usually the same: Do you have a family, children, a home etc... They reply yes of course; Then I tell them they are just a creative as me but in different ways. They can cook, they can keep a beautiful home, raise a wonderful family and entertain friends and family with almost no effort. That is creativity but in a different form.

The other thing I say to people is try anyway. Start small and only do little things that you know you can finish easily. This will give a sense of achievement and grow your confidence, skills and ability. Never trying means never learning and never improving, and that is not good for your creativity, self esteem or confidence.

Even if you do fail, you’ll know more than you did when you started  and you can create something new with that knowledge.


Happy creating!  

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