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This is my complete collection of hand-spun and hand-dyed artisan yarns.

Australian Merino, Alpaca, handspun, chunky art yarn and hand-dyed yarns. 

Soft, squishy and beautiful skin soft yarn in vibrant & rich colours perfect for knitting, crocheting, weaving, macrame and felting. These hand-dyed yarns will add a little something extra special to your next craft project.


What is hand-dyed yarn?

Hand-dyed, or hand-painted yarn is a specific style of dyed yarn that is usually hand-dyed in small batches by independent (indie) dyers working from their homes.

Undyed yarns available in lots of different styles can be dyed by hand to produce a large range of colours and effects by manipulating how the dye or dye particles are applied.

Hand-dyed yarns are stunning little works of art that you get to knit or crochet with.


How to use hand-dyed yarn?

Hand-dyed yarns can be substituted with most commercial yarns. I would recommend swatching and knitting samples to make sure your finished project is what you want.

These yarns are perfect for hats beanies, gloves and mitts, scarves, shawls and wraps, along with garments and rugs.

My hand-dyed yarns are most commonly used in knitting or crochet however they can easily be used in substitution for commercially available yarns in other projects.


How to wash hand-dyed yarn

Hand Dyed knitting and crochet yarns can be washed in cool water with a gentle approved wool wash, rolled in a towel and either gently squeezed or the towel roll can go into the washing machine on a gently spin.

Garments and items knitted from hand-dye yarns usually require blocking when they are washed.

Blocking is simply laying out your jumper, socks or scarf flat and re shaping it into its original shape so it dries in the same shape.