packing hand dyed silk for fibre arts carding and blending.

Dyeing and packing the latest batch of mulberry silk roving..

Dyeing and packing mulberry silk roving..

Finally managed to sneak some time in to take the pics and list the latest colours in my beautiful squishy mulberry silk roving which I dyed up recently. As I was packing this up it felt wonderful and soft and I was getting pretty keen to card some into a nice bug puffy art batt and happily spin to rest of the day away. It did take some talking to self to remain there weighing and packing!

hand dyed mulberry silk fibres being packed by sally ridgway | Sally Ridgway | Shop Wool, Felt and Fibre Online

Now its all done and listed you can click image to see the new colours.

I really enjoy dyeing these colours and my favourite one in this batch has to be English Rose although I do like some of the blues... and the greys... Oh dear!!

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