Venezia Shawl Pattern & Yarn Release

Venezia Shawl Pattern & Yarn Release

We are absolutely delighted to be collaborating with an amazingly talented Australian pattern designer in Dominique Trad!

Dominique's Venezia Shawl pattern is an easy 3 skein shawl and flies off the needles. Even I managed to get through it all! 

With lovely simple lace stitches and groups of garter stitches it is easy to handle and well worth the time we put into it.

The pattern seamlessly blends easily from the main variegated colour through to the semi solid contrasts in the lace sections.

We dyed up 3 yarn colours in these 3 skein sets for this because I just couldn't stop at one! 

The yarn sets come with complimentary stitch markers and the pattern code for You to download your pattern from Domknit on Ravelry

Colours are

We knitted our sample in Lagoon and which is a beautiful teal opal blue variegated with blue green and light lavender colourway.

Venezia Shawl hand knitted in hand dyed yarn by sally ridgwaypink and purple lacey knitted shawl using hand dyed yarn on a white mannequin in from of a bushVenezia shawl
I am not actually a big knitter and the thought of knitting 3 skeins into a shawl was a little daunting for me at the start. I knew I wanted to knit it but kept putting it off as we do at times.

Eventually I was fast running out of time and though that I better get my skates on and just do it. I am really pleased I did start and actually finish this pattern, it was so much easier once I got into it than I had been telling myself it was.

And I told myself the truth! that was Dom Trad is a great designer and she knows this stuff so just trust the pattern.

I kept referring back to that when I wasn't sure of where to go next with it. After a while I regained my knitting confidence and trusted the pattern and off I went. It really did flow easily and I actually enjoyed the knit. Although I was a little apprehensive about having so many stitches on my needles it wasnt a problem.

I had never knitted a lacy edge before and this pattern section kept looking sideways at me and almost smirking... hmm, I kept thinking I will just trust the pattern and deal with it when I get there. 

When I made it to the lace section for the border I read the pattern section and then put it down for about 3 days. This was enough for me to get itchy fingers and really want to knit again. So there I was at the border wanting to knit, and I worked my way along the first 2 rows then just went with the flow because it really was easy to follow even though I had a huge amount of stitches on the needles by then.

If you haven't knitted a shawl this size before, this would be a lovely one to start with, easy to follow and simple stitches that created a lovely enjoyable shawl.


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