Welcome to Sally Ridgway Designs in Felt & Fibre! 

We have beautifully crafted wool tops (roving) for your felting and spinning fibre supplies, made with love by my own hands. Original hand dyed knitting yarns, combed wool tops, silk roving and fibres for your felting, spinning, weaving, knitting and crochet with big splashes of colour!

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rainbow dyed merino wool top roving for felting and spinning in a spiral


By using Tasmanian and Australian grown wool, which is a renewable, sustainable and a natural fibre to work with, I am, in my own little way supporting my environment and both local and national growers.

A bunch of hand dyed knitting yarn skeins on a white cloth

Wool is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It is unique to work with due to its softness and dye ability not to mention its durability, strength and warmth.

Australian wool ranks at the top of the finest wool's available around the world and is highly sought after for the fashion industry.

Combine wool with mulberry silk and you have a perfect combination of warmth, strength and beauty with two of the most sought after fibres in the world.

braid of hand dyed rainbow mulberry silk roving

Browse our beautiful designs at the online shop

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