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Another hectic few weeks

After a pretty busy time getting organised and ready for the Tasmanian Craft Fair in Deloraine in early November I jumped head first into restocking and getting ready for another busy Christmas season at the Makers Workshop Gallery in Burnie.

White super-soft hand spun yarn on bobbin | Sally Ridgway | Shop Wool, Felt and Fibre Online

First up for the dye pot was some Corriedale wool from New Zealand. This is fast becoming a favourite for my lovely regular ladies. I have also started to stock The Yarn Inn at Latrobe with these versatile fibres.

After the Corriedale was done I worked on another batch of my supreme sock yarn. This yarn is at the top end for luxury in knitting. I am also always pleasantly surprised and very happy to receive feed back from knitters who have used my yarns.


This lovely message was in my email inbox recently...

Hi Sally Ridgeway,
I bought a skein of your Hand Dyed 4 ply sock yarn during my visit to The Makers Workshop in Burnie.
It’s a wonderful yarn to knit -  and the gradation of colours is beautiful.  The socks are a gift for a special friend  so I’m thrilled to see them grow into something that's going to be very special. 
 I'll definitely be visiting your site over the coming years.
Regards, R
Hand spun sock yarn hand dyed in a rainbow mix by Sally Ridgway | Sally Ridgway | Shop Wool, Felt and Fibre Online


We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones all the very best over the festive season. May you all have a safe and peaceful time.

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