Ball brause water sprinkler or felting pear for wet felting for sale online by sally ridgway

Ball brause, water sprinklers or felting pears have arrived in store!

Ball Brausers, Water Sprinklers or Felting Pears are now in store

I will be stocking these regularly now.

Ball Brauser Felting Pear Water Sprinkler Orange | Tools | Sally Ridgway | Shop Wool, Felt and Fibre Online

I use these ball brausers all the time when I am felting, they make it much quicker and more efficient to wet out your lovely wool and silk fibres. When I first started to make my wool felt bags and scarves I was using a small spray bottle like you get 'Spray and Wipe' in but I always found the spray was too light and when I was spraying the water was just sitting on top and not penetrating through the fibres to the bottom. It also made my hands ache after using it all day. I discovered that if I used the squirt instead of the light spray it would move the fibres and be too strong shooting the water through to the bubble wrap under the wool. Now don't get me wrong here, lots of people use a spray bottle without any issues, I am just not a fan of them.

After a while I eventually upgraded to a 5 litre garden sprayer with an adjustable nozzle and a little lock on the spray so I could leave it on without pumping. Woo hoo now things got really interesting!. This worked well, but when the water container was full with the 5 litres I had to sit it somewhere and leave it in one spot until I had used enough to be able to lift and carry it around my large work table comfortably.

The other thing I had to laugh at a number of times (yep I will fess up here!) was when I would get so absorbed in my work, hubby would appear at the door with a coffee and biscuit only to be squirted with water as I turned around when he made me jump with the sprayer still squirting water everywhere! Lol... He learnt quickly to knock and wait for me to stop and turn around! giggle :)

There are 2 styles of styles of ball brausers about and I have both in my felting bucket. These have a rubber ball and the other ones has more of a plastic ball and a straight spout. 

I really prefer these with the rubber bulb much better than the plastic ones with the straight spray nozzle. The reason is that my plastic one doesn't seem to grip the metal spout as strongly as the rubber one does. This means that after I have been using it for a while the spout will slowly slide up into the ball and then it cant suck up enough water to fill properly. This might just be something that happens with the one I have but I don't have the same thing happening with the rubber one so that's why I decided to stock the better rubber ones. 

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