DHG merino roving for felting and spinning

DHG Coloured Merino Wool Tops!

DHG Merino Wool Tops!

I am pretty happy that the DHG merino wool tops I recently ordered have arrived at last.

These are now available and I will be taking some with me to the Bothwell Spinin next weekend. Limited quantities available until I know how they will go. So if your are one of the many who have requested these, check them out here

I do not dye these fibres myself but I take a lot of time to select my fibres sources from strong well established suppliers that tick all the right boxes. This fibre is tested for harmful substances and meets Global Organic Standards as well as EMAS regulations. Flocks from Australia that are mulesing free are used. The dyeing takes place in a dyeing plant which is also Oeko-Tex certified and all dye products used are non-toxic so safe for the little ones in the family.

DHG merino wool top



DHG Merino Wool Tops 100 Grams

  • Wool Tops (combed sliver)
  • Extra fine Australian merino wool
  • 19 micron approx...
  • 100 gram packs
  • Length approx. 4 Mt/100g
  • Commercially dyed fibre by DHG

This wool felts and spins quickly, is soft and easy to use and suitable for next to skin projects.

  • Great for needle felting, nuno felting, wet felting.
  • Perfect for spinning, art yarns, drop spindles etc.
  • Also for weaving, wall weaving etc.
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