Border Leicester Wool Top

Border Leicester Wool Top

We are delighted to introduce a range of Australian grown and processed Border Leicester wool tops.

This is a versatile fibre grown by local boutique wool growers who are passionate about their animals and the processes involved in producing Australian wool.

Locally scoured and processed right here in Australia by a local family owned business in which has been operating since 2003 servicing both Australia and intentional customers.

Fibre Details

  • Australian Border Leicester wool top
  • Grown and processed in Australia
  • 30 - 35 micron range approx.
  • Suitable for Felting, Spinning, Needle Felting etc.


The Border Leicester developed in the Scottish Borders, is an old established breed whose ancestry can be traced back for 250 years. They were developed by Robert Blakewell (1726-95) one of the most famous of old English sheep breeders.

Imported to Australia in 1871, it now has by far the largest number of stud flocks.

Rams are used to cross with the Merino, the resulting (first cross) ewes being keenly sought after for prime lamb mothers, combining the meat producing quality of the Border Leicester with the wool of the Merino.

They are easily identified with a distinctive Roman nose and bare points (no wool on head and legs).

They are universally found throughout Australia and in many parts of the world. 

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