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Bothwell International Spinin 2019

Wow what a fabulous weekend at the Bothwell International Spinin! This has to be one of the best events and weekends away in a long time. Not only was the weather perfect, well just a tad on the warm side! and yes it was a little windy on the last day, but I was still able to spend some quality time with my very first felting teacher Grietje van Randen who now lives on Bruny Island and has created Sprokkelwood – Art Garden. Grietje was busy knitting and weaving a 2 x life sized blue farmer scarecrow.


Grietje van Randen weaving blue fabric to form a scarecrow | Sally Ridgway | Shop Wool, Felt and Fibre Online

I have also had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time (we shared the same accommodation house) Kevin, Beth and Jessica Hansen of Hansen Crafts for the USA. These generous and talented people make the beautifully designed Hansen miniSpinner. One of my good friends bought one of these little gems so I am pretty keen to see it in action it when she gets it! 

My beautiful undyed Tasmanian Super Fine Merino was very popular so its a good thing I have plenty available.

Tasmanian merino wool roving combed wool tops 18.5 micron undyed natural white | Sally Ridgway | Shop Wool, Felt and Fibre Online


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