Campbell Town Show 2019 Wrap Up.

Well, its been about 2 weeks or so since I headed a little further south than I usually do to attend the 2019 Campbell Town Show. Wow I had actually forgotten just how much fun I have at events like this! I was the only trader in the Exhibition Hall, something for which I was extremely grateful! I was also not too far away from the heater, another thing to be pleased about and I kept it stoked up the whole time. The weather was a fine all weekend but it was frosty on both mornings until the sun warmed us all up.

Campbell town show 2019 sausage dog races | Image @pictureross



After the crowds started to surge through the displays of wonderful exhibits wrapped around the walls surrounding me the whole hall warmed up beautifully. A few cups of steamy coffee helped out as well :) 

Because I was trading, I didn't get to see that much but was kept up to date by checking the show schedule and regularly asking everyone who stopped to say hello what was happening outside. It all sounded such a lot of fun.

I managed to catch up and have a quick chat with both Deb and Margaret from the Tasmanian Wool Centre where some of my hand dyed Tasmanian Merino Wool Top are sold as well as some of my yarns

One person who I was absolutely thrilled and delighted to be introduced to was a wonderful lady called Colette Garnsey. Colette is involved with the AWI and when Bridget Walsh bought her around to see my... yep... MY Yarn and fibres! I was actually very shy and hiding behind my scarf stand at one point Lol, I have to giggle about it now, but that's me and another friend trying to stay away from the camera behind the white round mirror in the background. Thanks to Little Tilds Photography for the images.

Colette garnsey viewing yarn by sally ridgway at the campbelltown show 2019

I didn't get to be shy for long when Bridget Walsh spotted me and called me over and introduced us. I have to say, I didn't need to be shy, Colette was delightful and so easy to talk to we could have chatted away all day about knitting, yarn and the the amazing wool we produce right here in Tasmania.  After we discussed, squished and smooched the colour and fibres at length and which ply gives the best results, Colette, who is actually a very good knitter was happy with her generous stash of my hand dyed 8 Ply yarn to take back home to Sydney to knit into children's hats and jumpers. 

Sally Ridgway Meeting Collette Garnsey at the campbell town show 2019

Little Tilds Photography

Doing this regional show was a first for me and I have to say I loved it!

An I would be delighted to be invited back again next time... Watch this space...

My own local annual agricultural show was axed recently and the ground has now been sold of for housing. This has also happened to a number of other agricultural shows in this state. Things change of course with time but these small regional shows and events are the life blood of communities and I would strongly recommend supporting them and attending if possible even if its just to pay the entry fee and wander about for a while and enjoy the many free events and sights they offer. This alone supports and helps these hugely important events to continue in smaller communities where they are so very important in bringing everyone together and give us all a rewarding sense of pride in our smaller local towns.

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Images from this blog are from @pictureross and Little Tilds Photography

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