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Majacraft Lazy Kate Review

Majacraft Lazy Kates

I've never really taken the time to think about my lazy kates when I am spinning. I've accumulated a couple of cardboard boxes with knitting needles and an old upright one with the little bars through them.

I had even put some fishing line and a rubber band on the old upright at times to make it a little easier but it never quite worked as well as every one you see doing the amazing demo's online.

While these are cheap and ok for basic plying they can be a bit of a pain in the you know what area when doing some of the more complex art yarns. 

I recently kicked the cardboard box around the lounge room and headed off to my local Majacraft dealer The Yarn Inn to see what was on offer from Majacraft.

Majacraft Tensioned lazy kate for spinning

I certainly wasn't disappointed and ordered the Majacraft tensioned lazy kate without too much hesitation. It took a little while to arrive which was fine because they are after all, hand made.

Majacraft offers two styles of lazy kates, one is tensioned and the other is un tensioned. Hand crafted of course using New Zealand Rimu with the same components as the scotch tension systems on their wheels make them familiar and simple to use straight out of the box.

They also have convenient folding feet so you can store them away easily. The three triangle guides are positioned perfectly for the smaller bobbins and the yarns wind off really easily and smoothly.

Majacraft uses a polymer bearing to control the friction on the tension knob which allows for more consistent tension and better control of the bobbin.

Majacraft lazy kate tensioning knob and feet

I like the sensitivity of the tensioning knob and how it all works. Overall the Majacraft Universal Tensioned Lazy Kate is a must have for anyone who is getting more serious about their spinning. It is a game changer for me with the ease of use, solid quality and  the only thing to remember is that this lazy kate will not take the overdrive bobbins. 

Mine actually sits out on display and it is surprising how many of my husbands friends ask what it is :) I am now a little surprised that it took me this long to get one!

If you are thinking of an upgrade then I can highly recommend these beautiful pieces of equipment.

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