Multiple skeins of hand dyed possum merino knitting yarn stacked up in a triangle on a white cloth

Merino Possum Yarn has arrived!

I'm so excited to share with you a new addition to our Merino Possum yarn base.

As the name suggests, this yarn is a blend of New Zealand possum fur and merino wool. It may come as a surprise to some, but possum fur makes for an excellent yarn material. Not only is it soft and warm, but it is also light and durable. 

The possum merino blend is made up of 80% merino wool and 20% possum fur. This combination creates a yarn that is incredibly plump, soft and warm, making it perfect for winter garments such as hats, scarves, and sweaters. The natural fibres also make it ideal for those with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin.

Another benefit of possum merino yarn is that it is high in warmth-to-weight ratio. This means that it can provide more warmth than traditional wool yarns of the same weight. So, you can create a cosy winter garment that isn't too bulky or heavy to wear.

We are excited to have this new yarn base available on our website and can't wait to see what beautiful projects our customers create with it. We have a variety of colours available, so there are options for everyone's taste. 

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional wool yarn, give our merino possum a try. We promise you won't be disappointed.


Happy knitting!




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