My Favourite Sock Pattern for Beginners

My Favourite Sock Pattern for Beginners

Are you looking for a great 8-ply sock pattern? If so, then you should try knitting Vanilla Socks by The Crazy Sock Lady

close up of the heal of a pair of multicoloured hand knitted socks

8-ply socks are a lot quicker to knit than traditional 4 ply socks making them perfect for a beginner friendly knit.

This pattern is very easy to follow and produces beautiful socks that are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves knitting. The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to knit the socks and how to customize them with 3 different sizes. It also includes helpful tips on how to make sure that your socks fit perfectly every time. 

There are a couple of different way to knit these socks and you should find them all by following this Link

Kay, The Crazy Sock Lady also has a great YouTube channel and Ravelry page where she explains in easy to understand thea pair of multicoloured hand knitted socks flat on a white background with silk flowers
terms just what to do when knitting your socks. 

I've knitted these cuff down a number of times now and they always come out well.

Our 8 ply DK Supreme Sock yarn is available in a range of colours with matching mini skeins for the heals and toes. With 225 mt in each hank there is enough to make 1 pair of standard adult socks. But I usually do a different colour in the toes and heals just to change it up a bit and make them more interesting. 

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