one braid of superwash australian merino wool roving for spinning rolled up on a white background

Superwash TEC Australian Merino Wool Combed Top Undyed Has Arrived!

Tasmanian TEC / Superwash Merino Wool Top


 TEC / Superwash has finally arrived and is now available! 

  • 18.5 micron Undyed Creamy White.
  • TEC Total Easy Care Wool (Superwash)
  • Non-Mulesed Sustainable
  • Creamy White Undyed
  • Various Quantities available
  • Super fine 18.5 micron
  • Ready to ship, spin or dye.
  • This wool will NOT FELT

Beautiful creamy white, non mulesed, sustainable and grown right here in Tasmania this superfine 18.5 micron wool feels soo soft and squishy. TEC or Total Easy Care (Superwash) wool has been treated to stop it felting. The treatment modifies the natural characteristics of the wool by rounding or removing the scales on the wool. This makes the fibre smother, more even and decreases the shrinkage and felting during the washing process.

This beautiful fibre is perfect for spinning, be it art yarn or a lovely lace weight, this TEC (Superwash) treated wool spins up beautifully.

I have spun it into art yarns, dyed it and some of my lovely regulars have spun and woven with it. If your a spinner then just use it as you usually would but if your a felter do not buy this wool, It will not felt!

Only available in undyed creamy white for now... hand dyed colours are now available!


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