Tasmanian craft fair stand setup for sally ridgway

Tasmanian Craft Fair 2019

Its Almost Time!

Well its been a hectic time lately and it is almost at the pointy end of the year with the Tasmanian Craft Fair on again over the weekend of Friday 1st November to Monday 4th November 2019. I will be in Venue 5, stand 533 in the centre isle of the Community Centre again and really please to say I will be in the same spot as last ear so all of my regular local ladies, and some form further afield will be able to find me easily. 

Tasmanian Craft Fair 2019 location for sally ridgway designs

Floor map of my location in Venue 5

I have been dyeing yarn flat out for the last couple of weeks and hoping to have some left for sale for the weekend. Fingers crossed I have!

Over the last few days I have been slowly listing my current offerings of my 8 ply yarn base in some new colour ways.
I have some lovely new colours in my mulberry silk hankie range all packed and ready to go and some more of my Tasmanian grown superfine Merino tops as well as some other silk fibres. 
Sally ridgway stall display tasmanian craft fair 2019

Stand Display

My Supreme Sock yarn has also been topped up a lot with loads of new colours put aside for the fair. Don't worry if you cant make it along during the weekend, I will be listing everything back onto the website as soon as possible after the show.
I have also been pretty busy making some more of my very popular hats for those who love felt hats and there are some very nice ones to see. This is one of the few places that I have my hats at so don't be shy and pop in to see them.
Wool felt hat and scarf display be sally ridgway at Tasmanian Craft Fair 2019

What is the best day to go...

Because it's always pretty frantic on the first 3 days, when I am asked what is the best day to go I always say with delight Monday! That's because all the crazy stuff has happened and most of the stall holders (me!) have a lot more time to relax, chat and catch up with everyone. Monday is a lovely laid back day as we all anticipate the hectic mad dash to the door at the close of trade. If you are thinking of heading to Deloraine and not sure where to go and what to do when you get there, here is the link to find out and to get tickets.


Where should you go

To find out who will be there and more importantly where they will be then here is the link for the maps and to download the event program and don't forget the busses run all through the weekend to dropping you off at all the venues along the way. 


While Andy is a professional portrait artist, for the last four years he's also been creating one of a kind lamps - he calls them retro industrial.

Margaret produces beautiful handbags from recycled leather, be it from clothing or even furniture.

"I love the process of transforming a piece of pre-loved leather into something like a beautiful and useful bag and see it continue to be a part of someone’s life in its new form."

Meet them both at this year's Fair and see their beautiful work.

Andy Causon
I am a professional portrait artist and my work has been sold through Gallery Salamanca in Hobart. My work including my lamps can be found at andy causon fine art with links to gallery. I have been making lamps for approximately four years and this has complemented my other work. All lamps are original pieces and can be described as retro-industrial.

Margaret Causon
My interest in leatherwork began in my school days. As a young mother, I made leather shoes for my sons, and dabbled in other accessories as well. More recently, I have put my creative energy into recycling the leather from unwanted leather garments, furniture even. I love the process of transforming a piece of pre-loved leather into something like a beautiful and useful bag and see it continue to be a part of someone’s life in its new form.

You can see Andy and Margaret at the 2019 fair, with the full 2019 program of over 260 exhibitors launching September 30. Get your tickets online to save and win!

That's about it for my update this time, I hope to chat to some of my regular ladies and gents during the weekend and I hope you have a wonderful time.

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