Tasmanian Craft Fair - Online 2020

Tasmanian Craft Fair - Online 2020

This year the Tasmanian Craft Fair which is my biggest event for the year will on online only. It is a little disappointing but also very exciting!

Their website will be live from October 18th so we will have lots of time for Christmas shopping :)

For this reason I am pretty excited to not have all the stress and hard work leading up to the setup day and then for the 4 days of the show. Now dont get me wrong here, I love the meet and greet, hustle, pressure and sheer terror of getting it all sorted on time and looking good on the day. But, it will be nice to not have all that to deal with and just know that I wont be isolated in my little stand. I cant wait to be able to 'surf' the other stall holders and see what they have to offer, something I have not been able to do as a sole operator for the last 4 years.

So here we go, over the next few weeks I will be loading everything up onto the website and getting lots of extra stock made for everyone. 




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