wool felted winter scarf wrap hand made by sally ridgway

Warm winter scarves and wraps...

Down here on my little island of Tasmanian it is starting to get a little chilly and the wind is getting that icy chill into it now. Felting up a storm and working hard as usual, no lying on the couch with a warm rug and a movie, I have been making some more scarves for the winter season. I don't make that many and most will go through the gallery but I usually pick a few to hang onto for my wonderful online followers.  

I particularly liked this pretty little blue and purple one, I am not a big scarf fan but when I made this I really liked it. It is wet felted with my hand dyed Tasmanian Merino Wool and it is a little smaller than most scarves these days, more of a little wrap. It doesn't have a lot of the bulk you often see in a lot of styles. I was out walking last week and took note of the scarves I could see and a number of them looked more like a small blanket wrapped around the neck than a scarf! This pretty little one would suit beautifully and a separate  flower brooch would finish it off nicely or folded flat down the front inside a jacket or coat.

I have also been dyeing some more beautiful Tasmanian superfine merino wool this week in semi solid colours, these packs would wet felt very well into a lovely wrap or scarf. Around 100 grams will make one of these pretty scarves and when you throw in some of your stash to blend the colours through you can make a flower brooch as well at the same time.

If your not a felter, not to worry, one of my lovely friends spun one of my 100 gram bags of Merino in a lovely green and purple colourway into a lovely fine single then navajo or chain plied it to about a 5 ply and knitted it into a really pretty scarf. After it was finished she put a lovely scarf pin on it for a beautiful hand made gift for her daughter. 





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