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Ball Brauser, Felting Bulb, Water Sprinkler for Felting Green

Ball Brauser, Felting Bulb, Water Sprinkler for Felting Green

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Ball Brauser, Felting Pear, Water Sprinkler, for Felting 


Ball brause, water sprinklers or felting pears are a must for efficient wetting out of fibres when wet felting. They speed up the wetting process and are very easy to use. The ball sucks the soapy water in when you release the squeeze and then just gently squeeze it out all over the fibres. They have a nice fine spray which you control with the pressure in your hands. I usually use a couple of these at any one time, just throw them in the water container and I can keep them full all the time. The ball can be detached from the spout for drying and storage if needed.


Sometimes called...

  • Water Sprinkler,
  • Felting Pear
  • Felting Bulb Shower
  • Ball Brausers 
  • Ball brause
  • Rubber ball and metal sprinkler.
  • Holds around 200 ml of water


Care Instructions

After use I usually give it a squirt in cold clean water and turn upside down to drain.

You will receive 1 ball Brauser

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