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Core Wool Australian Wool Top White Undyed 29 micron

Core Wool Australian Wool Top White Undyed 29 micron

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Core wool off white/cream for needle and wet felting and spinning.  

This is a stronger Australian grown 29 micron merino cross wool suitable for the 'core' of needle felted projects and stronger wet felting or for spinning hard wearing outer wear.

Use it to make the bulk of centre of the shape and then use your lovely coloured wool over the top. Keep your beautiful coloured fibres for the outside of your work and this makes them go much further.
This wool is great for making 3D shapes and can also be used for toy or doll stuffing.



  • 29 Micron Australian grown merino cross wool top
  • Suitable for stronger felting projects 
  • Great for needle felting cores or bases
  • Suitable for spinning for outer wear
  • Perfect for needle felting, core wool, spinning, wet felting, weaving etc..

This is a courser fibre and not suitable or recommended for next to skin projects. 

Needle Felting Needles are available HERE

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