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Hand Spun Chunky Art Yarn - Capri

Hand Spun Chunky Art Yarn - Capri

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Capri is a gorgeous combination of blues, teal and green colours with lots of bulk and texture with other fibres and some locks as well make this super bulky yarn heavily textured and unique!

This one is a gradient and goes from dark blue through to the aqua green

Core spun and plied this bulky yarns has been created by core spinning, auto wrapped then plied. 

Needle sizes will vary depending on what you are going to knit or weave with these yarns. This yarn is perfect for macrame and wall weaving. 


Care Instructions

This is a hand dyed and hand spun yarn, I recommend a very gentle hand wash with an approved wool wash, to preserve this yarns character and plumpness. 

Hang you finished item to dry.

You will receive one skein of this beautiful yarn.

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