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Hand Spun Chunky Tasmanian Merino Yarn Thick and Thin - Steel Blush 13133

Hand Spun Chunky Tasmanian Merino Yarn Thick and Thin - Steel Blush 13133

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Hand Spun Tasmanian Merino wool yarn in soft dusty mushroom pinks, lavenders and steel blues all meandering in and out together.

Just imagine knitting this up into something soft and squishy to wrap yourself up into like this lovely triangle scarf pattern.

This is a beautiful yarn and is spun with a lovely thick and thin texture.

Hand dyed and spun from my Tasmanian superfine merino wool tops, this yarn looks and feels gorgeous.

Wear it as a beanie, scarf, neck wrap or add some other yarns to it and make it go further. Think outside the square with these yarns to get the best out of them



  • Length 96.5  mt approx.
  • weight 100 grams
  • Hand spun 2 ply thick and thin art yarn
  • Hand dyed Superfine 18.5 Micron Tasmanian Merino Wool
  • Plied with hand dyed silk
  • Suitable for knitting, weaving, macrame, wall weaving or felting


Recommended Usage

This yarn is chunky and will knit into an easy chunky neck wrap, cowl or beanie. Use some larger than usual needles for these yarns and combine the yarn with other yarns found here to make up the yardage required. I usually encourage my lovely knitters to think outside the square and let the yarn tell the story when working with these. Of course this yarn will felt and you can use it as detailing for wet felting.


Needle Sizes

Needle sizes will vary depending on what you are going to knit or weave with these yarns. I usually start with a larger size than you expect and work from there so you get the lovely softness in the drape and handle.


Care Instructions

This is a hand dyed and hand spun yarn, I recommend a very gentle hand wash with an approved wool wash, roll in a towel and gently spin. Lay you finished item out flat to dry.

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