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Mulberry Silk Hankies Hand Dyed Blue 10 grams 12654

Mulberry Silk Hankies Hand Dyed Blue 10 grams 12654

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These Silk Hankies Mulberry Silk Hand Dyed Felting Spinning Fibre Arts Mixed Media Paper Making Nuno Felting etc.

I love the look and feel of silk both in my spinning and in my felting, spread some over a luxury fibre like my beautiful hand dyed merino wool when your felting to give your project a wonderful colourful silky look.

Silk hankies are easy to pull apart, (but I usually use rubber gloves)
gently pull them into a long strip and spin them or combine them with your fibre straight onto the wheel.

They are super fine and delicate when divided giving a wonderful finish on your nuno felting projects.



10 Gram packs
Approx size 25 X 25 cm
Hand dyed
Bombyx Mulberry Silk


Possible Uses

Wet Felting, Spinning, Fibre Arts, Mixed Media, Paper and Bead Making, Nuno Felting etc. For wool roving to use with these fibres Click here!

For my other Mulberry silk fibres to go with these, Click this link.


Care Instructions

Cool hand wash with a approved silk wash.

This is a hand dyed item and may vary slightly from pack to pack


Shipping Information

This item may be vacuum packed to reduce shipping costs if purchased on its own. 

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