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Mulberry Silk Hankies Hand Dyed Sky Blue

Mulberry Silk Hankies Hand Dyed Sky Blue

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Sky Blue is a pretty soft baby blue with some light shades in some packs.

Once it has been felted into your Nuno scarf or hat it will meld into the base colour of your wool. Use these strong colours for highlights and features without over whelming the work.

These silk hankies are created from Mulberry silk cocoons which have been pierced and stretched over a frame about 25 cm x 25 cm to produce this versatile and beautiful product.

For hand dyed wool to go with these hankies


  • Mulberry silk hankies from silk cocoons
  • 25 X 25 cm approx
  • Hand dyed with Australian made dyes 
  • Suitable for felting, spinning, paper making, knitting, layering etc.

Possible Uses

They are super fine and delicate when divided giving a wonderful finish on your nuno felting or wet felted projects. Also used for bead and paper making, spinning, knitting etc...

Care Instructions

This is a hand dyed item and may vary slightly from pack to pack.

You will receive one pack of these fibres.

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