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Mulberry Silk Roving Hand Dyed in Apricot Lace

Mulberry Silk Roving Hand Dyed in Apricot Lace

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Apricot Lace is a lovely warm peachy apricot colour with light and dark areas along the silk

I use this silk for my spinning and felting projects and like the texture and variety in colour. It can be used for felting, spinning, needle felting, nuno felting, textiles etc. 

I will often card some through an art batt or onto a blending board to add texture and colour. 


  • 20 gram packs
  • Hand dyed using Australian made dyes
  • 100% Bombyx Mulberry silk fibre

There are some slight colour variations in these packs as I dye a larger quantity first. 


Care Instructions

As with any hand dyed fibre please hand wash items separately in cool water with an approved detergent. 


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