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Natural Raw Fleece Hand Spun Chunky Tasmanian Wool 12990

Natural Raw Fleece Hand Spun Chunky Tasmanian Wool 12990

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This raw fleece yarn has been spun into a thick and thin chunky single then plied with a hand dyed a silk thread.

This yarn is quite thick and chunky, it will require some knowledge of handling these original works to get the best out of it.

This yarn is Not suitable for next to skin projects.


Yarn Specifications

  • Contains mixed raw and washed local fleece.


Some ideas for using these unique yarns are

  • Basket making
  • Macramé
  • Wall weaving
  • Bulky Knitting
  • Textiles


Recommended Needle Size

Large needles are recommended. This is a bulky yarn.


Care Instructions

Hand wash as a delicate item in cool water with an approved wool wash. Roll in a towel and very gently spin. Dry flat.


International Shipping

This item contains raw and domestically washed fleece. I strongly recommend checking with your countries import restrictions before placing your order. 

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