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Spiral Staircase Shawl Knitting Pattern

Spiral Staircase Shawl Knitting Pattern

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Spiral Staircase Shawl Knitting Pattern with Eyelet Detail

This is a pretty simple scarf to knit once you get going. It will suit lots of 4 ply yarns and I knitted this with one skein of my 4 ply Supreme Sock or Pure Merino 4 ply yarns and all were very successful and easy!

There is a one stitch increase every row using a very easy decorative stitch that gives you a lovely edge around the centre and encourages the spiral to form.

On the row prior to the row were you cast off your 10 stitches I knitted from the inside curved edge all the way across with a simple K2 tog, YO. This formed the eyelet row which precedes the 10 stitch cast off row.

The cast off step edge is usually done every 16 rows and 10 stitches are cast off at this point.

I modified the pattern rows here to make the steps more even than the original pattern.

The original Pattern is available from Ravelry here


Materials Required;


Any of my Supreme Sock or Pure Merino 4 ply 100 grams/400 Mt will be perfect for this and you can use just one skein or multiple skeins for a larger scarf.

If you would like a thicket scarf 8 ply would also work.


One pair of 4-5 mm needles or one 80 cm circular needle in 4-5 mm. You can be flexible with your needle size to give a more open or a tighter feel and look.


As per your yarn suggests or you preferred tension. I like my scarves a little loose so they have a nice drape. Adjust your needle sizes to match. 

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